Photography Workshops

I conduct Photography workshops & photography tours for photographers, photography enthusiasts & corporate clients.

The workshops are for a small group or on one-on-one basis. Do let me know if you would like to attend one or organise one for your group. Send me a email at

Photography tours are on location hands-on learning at various parks like Tadoba, Ranthambhore, Bandhavgarh, Bharatpur, Bhigwan etc & Landscape Photography tour in Spiti valley, Leh-Ladakh etc. & international destinations like Iceland

The workshops that I regularly conduct are:

  • Basic Photography
  • Advanced Photography
  • Post processing ( Photoshop & Lightroom)
  • Photoshop for wildlife Photographers
  • Macro Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Star-Trail Photography
  • Flash Photography ( Editorial portraits)

I also conduct slideshows & give talks at various events. 

Upcoming workshops:

Why learn Photoshop?

“Before” images are out of the camera without any post processing (unedited) while “After” images are after processing in Photoshop. That’s the reason photo editing is important. In my post processing workshop I teach editing images to turn them from flat to fabulous. I also teach how much is too much. Over processing also kills images …